Next Club Meeting

Thursday March 8, 2018
         7:00 PM

   Toy Making Workshop
  Salvation Army Sarasota
  (1701 S. Tuttle Ave between Hawthorne St & Arlington St. -- about 1.5 miles south of Fruitville Rd. or 1.3 miles north of Bee Ridge Rd.     Parking and entrance in rear east of S. Tuttle Ave.)


Upcoming Events

Sunday April 8    10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
        FWCAS EXPO
Exotic Bird Extravaganza
       at the
Sarasota County Fairgrounds
Potter Building

     sponsered by the Florida West Coast Avian Society

FWCAS Expo Flyer

April 2018 flyer

FWCAS Expo Vendor Table Application(docx)
Click here for the FWCAS Expo Vendor Table ApplicationFWCAS Expo Vendor Table Application(pdf)

Click here to visit The Leather Elves website...When a beloved parrot flies off you need to act quickly and deliberately. In this DVD Robin Shewokis and Barbara Heidenreich give you the information and tools you need to increase your chances of getting your bird back safely. In this 2 disc set you will also get templates for lost bird flyers in many species and audio tracks of parrot calls. No one ever thinks that they are going to lose a bird but why not be prepared in case you ever find yourself in this stressful position.
Click here for details about Birds of a Feather.

Member Classifieds

Classified ads are free for Club members. FWCAS reserves the right to reject or cancel ads, as well as edit ads for form and/or content. Please email ads to: Submissions

  • Pet Photography by LYNJUPITER
    Hurricane ID Kits. FWCAS member discount.
    Lynda: 941-302-3258Go to website
    Mobile Bird Grooming
    Wings and Toenails
    Bonnie: 941-914-1632
    Cones and Muffins - Homemade and Avian Approved for the Fids of Indulgent Parronts! Available in Veggie, Beanie
    and Hot Pepper.
    To order: 941-961-7982Send emailGo to website
    Pet sitting for Sarasota, Bradenton, Palmetto areas.
    Lynne Burrow: 941-725-0280
  • Lineolated Parakeets
    Variety of colors & sexes available and can make up unrelated pairs. †
    Pat: 941-475-7103
  • Susan Keal, Realtor
    Susan Keal, Realtor
The Rescue has a number of items for sale that help support the birds.
Some of these items include:
Shoulder cape

Denim Shoulder Capes:$10.00

Collared shirt

Collared shirts: $25.00
(100% cotton)

T-shirt-Front view

T-shirts: $15.00
(100% cotton, Front)

T-shirt-Back view

T-shirts: $15.00
(100% cotton, Back)

◊ Fake Cockatiel Eggs (var. sizes): $1.00 ea.

◊ Rescue T-shirts: $10.00

◊ Magnetic Parrot Bookmarks: $1.00

◊ Assorted Informational Brochures: 50¢ ea.

◊ Emergency Notification Cards: $1.00 ea.

Payment for items can be made via PayPal. Items also available at Club meetings.

For more info: FWCASSend emailGo to FWCAS contact page