Next Club Meeting

Thursday November 9, 2017
         7:00 PM

   Toy Making Workshop
  Salvation Army Sarasota
  (1701 S. Tuttle Ave between Hawthorne St & Arlington St. -- about 1.5 miles south of Fruitville Rd. or 1.3 miles north of Bee Ridge Rd.     Parking and entrance in rear east of S. Tuttle Ave.)


FWCAS members please note:

Elections for the FWCAS officers and board members will be held at our November meeting or by mail after our ballot is published in the Newsletter.

We are accepting nominations for all positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, or at large Board Director.

Any eligible club member not attending or just wishing to volunteer for any position, simply email to and give your name and the position you wish to run on.

  Nominations from the floor at the November meeting will be accepted.
However, please note that any November floor nomination(s) will not have been published in the Newsletter and earlier voters will not have had an opportunity to see these names.

Charlie...Available for adoption!

Bird Adoption at The FWCAS

Steps For Adoption

  1. Join our Bird Alert e-mail list to learn what birds are available for adoption. Send requests to rescue@fwcas.orgAmazon, Greenjeans - Adopted!
  2. Read this article: A Parrot's Bill Of Rights
  3. Complete a five page application. (Forms available below.)
    Review our contract first to be sure you agree to our terms. Then mail it to:
      The Florida West Coast Avian Society, Inc.
      P.O. Box 18145
      Sarasota, FL 34276
  4. If the application is approved, a home visit will take place to ensure that the bird will be placed into a safe and healthy environment. There is a $ 10.00 home visit fee to cover gas.
  5. If you pass the home visit, it's time to meet the bird(s). If the bird is being fostered in the Rescue, you can phone us to make an appointment. If the bird is being fostered elsewhere, you will be contacted by the foster parent to arrange a meeting. Several visits may be necessary to form a bond with the bird.
  6. If a match is made (you like the bird and the bird likes you,) the bird should be tested by an avian vet before moving in with you. Once the bird's health is confirmed, the contract is signed, and the bird moves into your home.
  7. Another home visit will be scheduled after the bird has had time to settle in. Additional visits may occur on an as-needed basis.

Click here for FWCAS Adoption ApplicationFWCAS Adoption Application

Click here for FWCAS Adoption ContractFWCAS Adoption Contract

Click here for FWCAS Release FormFWCAS Release Form

Rescue Coordinators

Rosemary Miller :: 941-927-6079 ::
Gloria Schroeck :: 941-322-9629 ::
FWCAS Rescue ::

Donations to the FWCAS Rescue gratefully accepted via PayPal.